Our Story
How we met
We met at The University of Alabama through an event held by Stacey's sorority, Gamma Phi Beta. The unlikeliness of us meeting is what was incredible. Both of us were (more or less) not really wanting to show up that night for our own reasons. But, after a series of random events, Stacey and I ended up sitting at the same table and just began talking for hours. Afterwards, we went for Midnight Sushi, continued getting to know each other, and the rest is history!
The Proposal
It is difficult to keep a secret from Stacey and she knew that a proposal was coming. I decided to propose at the one place she least expected in Florida at Cocoa Beach. (She's terrified of marine life ;) ). So prior the real engagement, I staged a series of "engagement decoy dates." For example, I took her for a walk through the botanical gardens and then out for a romantic dinner followed by a comedy show. Another time I took her to dinner and a movie. Multiple times I acted like I was going to propose by saying things like, "I have an important question for you." It was so much fun teasing her because Stacey CAN'T handle secrets and surprises. She ALWAYS wants to be in the know! One of the most important aspects of our engagement, to both of us, was having our families around; family is one of the most important aspects of our lives. It just so happened that Cocoa Beach as an engagement setting fell into my lap. My parents were down there for work (NASA) and were visiting for Fourth of July weekend. It was perfect because Stacey's parents were also planning on traveling that same weekend. The table was set; I just needed to put the plan into motion. Unbeknownst to her, Stacey's Mom, Dad, and brother Marc were in on the surprise beach proposal and drove down from Atlanta as part of the surprise. I finally proposed to Stacey and to my delight, she was actually caught off guard and surprised. She immediately called her parents and told them the great news not knowing they were already in Cocoa Beach. My parents, Stacey, and I went out to dinner to celebrate our proposal and my parent's wedding anniversary. When Stacey walked into the restaurant, she was so surprised to see her mom, dad, and brother Marc sitting at a reserved table. Her adult brother Marc has autism and has limited verbal communication so Stacey's mom had him hold up a sign. The sign read "Jacob, will you be my brother?" Stacey immediately broke down into happy tears. It seems that there were two proposals that night. Marc asked me to be his brother and of course I said "Yes!"
The Wedding

Sunday, June 24, 2018
Ceremony and Reception
The Standard Club
Wedding Party

William Mains - Ring Bearer
Cassandra Kaplan - Maid of Honor

Traci Weisberg - Bridesmaid
Kelsey Sack - Bridesmaid
Jennifer Radomski - Bridesmaid
Christina Tygielski - Bridesmaid
Nathan Abell - Best Man
Nicholas Tygielski - Groomsman
Eric Tygielski - Groomsman
Corey Fant - Groomsman
Patrick Markey - Groomsman
Marc Serowitz - Groomsman